For courses taught by Dr. Wagner at Oakland University in the School of Engineering and Computer Science Understanding the integration of mind and spirit Getting counseling for relationship issues
For the definition and expansion of your Social Capital A focus on the real problems of Artificial Intelligence Dr. Wagner's occasional teachings as one of the pastor's of the ICAW
The essence of relationship - book and app The essence of romance Enlightened Parenting
Supportive Families Creating better business Creating a better government
Merkaba Tours Hyper / Echo Legal Wanderings
Cognitive Computing Automated Program Generation Smarter Barter
Youfloz - Intention Directed Task Management Jitol Me - fortune telling with an AI twist and personal branding First Annual Soul Engineering Conference, June 19-21, 2015
Ultimate Lynx Open Source Intelligence Genetics and Learning Time Sequences
BYODBA - bring your own Database Administrator System Flows - Systems Engineering Tools Spirited Messages - Forever Families
Structured Blogs Spirited Messages - Forever Families

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